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Recovering Futures Referring Clinicians

At Recovering Futures, and certainly via our exclusive CoRPS Peer Services App interaction with service recipients, we stand shoulder to shoulder with all those we serve and with the Clinical Treatment Team(s) responsible for the individual’s well-being and mental/behavioral and substance use disorders.

* We only accept individuals who are referred by a Clinical Professional *


The primary goal of the Certified Recovery Peer Specialist (CRPS) is to support the referring Clinician’s treatment plan. Our Certified Professional Peers use the common ground and understanding inherent in lived /shared experience. Engagement at the CRPS level has been shown to identify problems individuals are experiencing which are difficult to express in a more formal or impersonal interaction. Regulation of this new Peer Telehealth Component is codified by law in many states, ensuring Recovering Future’s CRPS Services are to be included in Mental Health and Substance Abuse (MH/SA) Treatment plans/processes, and covered by Healthcare Insurers as required.

The product of the Peer Interaction is two-fold: A mutual service recipient who feels engaged, heard, and helped. And a concise, detailed, specialized Recipient Progress Report enabling Treatment Teams to better plan for client care and recovery.

Please watch the demonstration of the Recovering Futures CoRPS APP that your referred individuals will be using to interact with our cadre of State Certified Recovery Peer Specialists, and schedule appointments with our dedicated staff of professionals. For a look at what a CRPS Training and Experience and Verification entails, visit this link to the State Certifying Agency’s Website.

If Recovering Futures is something your MH/SA  service recipient needs, or you want to learn more, please contact us.

Thank you for considering our exceptional services for the individuals under your care.

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Our Promise To You


Accessibility to Services has always been a challenge. We have not eliminated all of them, but our user-friendly, informative website combined with the ease and flexibility of our Peer CoRPS App goes a long way toward closing the gap between us more than ever before.


We insist that our staff and providers treat each other and each service recipient as they would like to be treated themselves. The Peer interaction/ Relationship is regulated, of course, but is also quite different than a traditional Clinician-Client rapport. Shared experience requires a level of self-disclosure uncommon in healthcare.


We allow the maximum flexibility possible, allowing our Certified Recovery Peer Specialists to schedule their availability to conduct 1-on-1 sessions with those seeking care, and with few exceptions; allowing those individuals to schedule their Peer interaction at their convenience.


As well as good professional practice, the discretion of our staff is regulated and required by Federal, State and County and City/Municipal Laws, Ordinances and Guidelines. At Recovering Futures, we follow the rules closely concerning your personal protected healthcare and associated information. Period.

Meet Your Dedicated Staff

Recovering Futures Leadership & Training Supervisory Staff

Silvana Skoko - Chief Financial Officer for the I AM HERE For Vets Corporation.

Silvana Skoko

Executive Assistant, Office of the Chief Executive, Financial Coordinator.
Recovering Futures Inc.

Silvana Skoko brings her wealth of degreed business experience to help guide the mission and the spirit of Recovering Futures. Having successfully directed a multi-million-dollar private retail operation, she earned an additional degree in Nursing, and is now an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Registered Nurse (BSN/RN) with FL/Compact State and California State Credentials.

In addition to her charge to provide extensive Training/On-the Job-Training in various hospital settings, she will help bridge the gap between traditionally Clinical Services and Recovering Futures Non-Clinical Services. Silvana has also performed extensively as a Supplemental Instructor for the Daytona State College Department of Microbiology and will also advise on and instruct some of the many Training Courses we present and develop.

Rosario Toral

Executive Assistant, Office of the Chief Executive, Job Training Coordinator.
Recovering Futures Inc.

Liesse Marshall

Human Resources & Administrative Coordinator.
Recovering Futures Inc.

Alex Markovich

Information and Technology Director.
Recovering Futures Inc.

With over 25+ years as an experienced IT professional, who champions technology, thought leadership, collaboration and innovation, Alex brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various aspects of technology including infrastructure, system administration, and network engineering to Recovering Futures. Alex has a passion for innovation and problem-solving, especially leveraging data, emerging technologies and tools that influence decision making.

Amanda Massman

Telehealth Training Coordinator.
Recovering Futures Inc.

Ashley Quach

Recruitment & Personnel Coordinator.
Recovering Futures Inc.


Referral & TRE Assignment Coordinator.
Recovering Futures Inc.