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Those Seeking Recovering Futures Services

At Recovering Futures, via our exclusive CoRPS Peer Services App interactions, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our referred service recipients to address the needs identified by their Clinical Treatment Team(s).

* We only accept those individuals who are referred by a Clinical Professional *

Are You New To Recovering Futures?

Recovering Futures is here for you. Someone here already shares enough of your story to convincingly tell parts of it to your family and friends. They won’t tell of course, but they’ll share enough of your past (and your load) to let you believe in yourself and find a way through the problems you face.
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Are You Already Receiving Services?

If you are currently receiving our peer or training services and you need help with a concern that cannot be resolved on the app/web, please let us know.
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The goal of Certified Recovery Peer Specialists’ (CRPS) is to support your referring Clinician’s treatment plan. Our Certified Peers use common ground and understanding inherent in lived /shared experience, but we are not a drop in, or crisis point of contact.

* If you are in CRISIS or need EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE DIAL 911 *

Peer Specialists and Telehealth are codified by law in many states, so Recovering Future’s CRPS Services should be covered by your Health Insurance Policy.


Please watch the demonstration of the Recovering Futures CoRPS APP that you will be using to interact with our State Certified Recovery Peer Specialists and schedule appointments, etc. For a look at what a CRPS Training and Experience and Verification entails, visit this link to the State Certifying Agency’s Website.

If you do not have a Care Team to make the necessary referral for you to work with a Peer, we can provide limited assistance, but your best source of information is sure to be you Healthcare Insurance Provider or Primary Care Physician for the necessary referral. Then we will get you signed up. We will match you with an appropriate CRPS to interact with, and the two of you can meet regularly to discuss your needs. We will send a concise Progress Report about each Peer Interaction you have with your Peer enabling your Treatment Team to better assist you and plan your future care/recovery.

If Recovering Futures is something your Care or Recovery needs, or you want to learn more, please contact us.

Thank you for considering our exceptional services.

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