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Recovering Futures.

Recovering Futures is a Certified Peer (and Peer-led) fee-for-service US Corporation with its Headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida, but Our reach is Virtually Unlimited. We’re very precisely aimed at increasing the population of Certified Recovery Peer Specialists (CRPSs) within the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Treatment and Prevention Community. We train Peers for, facilitate and Supervise one-on-one Peer interactions via Telehealth means. Also, we frequently host training centered around personal wellness, peer services, and social support.


Are you thinking about finding someone who seems to know exactly what is you are going through right now? … Do you want to visit some of the places you usually find confusing with someone who’s already been there?

We are ready to go there with you.
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If you’ve been able to overcome mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse challenges of your own, maybe you could help someone else face similar difficulties and find their way out of the darkness that accompanies isolation and desperation.

Prepare for your tomorrow with us today!
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See who we are, what we do and how we can help your clients obtain and maintain a recovery-oriented path. Our goal : Ensuring that the Clinical Treatment Team receives timely, organized, accurate and relevant feedback regarding her/his current state of health.

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Recovering Futures Inc. began as training side-project of the I. A.M. H.E.R.E. for Vets Corporation , but quickly grew to become an independent and successful company, and the core of the services we provide to a rapidly multiplying workforce and the many persons we and they serve. The limited role of Certified Recovery Peer Specialists (CRPS) in the Mental Health and Substance Abuse (MHSA) Treatment Community was apparent, so we chose to create training and support options for CRPSs. We have also designed a mobile application which will help bridge the gap between CRPSs and persons seeking service on a one-one basis. If you want to know more about peer services and/or how to become a CRPS, check out this guidance provided by the Florida Certification Board where they break it down for you!


Support our growing programs to help others in great need, especially the need for any services we offer.

Promotions and merchandise are just two more of the ways we supplement our fee for service organization’s commitment to helping those in need. We have a soft spot for our nation’s Military Veterans and support them at every opportunity.

So, if it’s happening or is available from us, it’ll be listed here and as much of the proceeds as possible will support our ability to help others.

Thank you for you patronage and time.

Vet Sounds

Vet Sounds is a music album is the creative and collaborative effort of two very different types of veterans. Don Stiff, Veteran of US Military and Federal Service, teamed-up with a veteran of the music industry, Bret Messer, to raise awareness of the mental health and substance abuse needs that are faced by so many Americans today, and will be faced again tomorrow. Our nation’s heroes are among those involved in the struggle of their lives. This music helps Vets. 

Because they need help, I AM HERE For Vets. Please listen to them, and this:

Album and Song Info for “Vet Sounds” by Messer-Stiff

Shine Down – asking for help rarely sounds as plain as in this simple song of hope, and to hear it from a Military Veteran is rarer still, though they may need help more than many Americans.

Let It Go – a tense but honest mix of surrender and fear of the judgement that may follow.

Ain’t No Minor Thing (Baby J) – literally swept-up from the studio floor, this is rough version of a song all about loss, especially the loss of physical connection. Bret’s new version (coming soon) really Ain’t No Minor Thing!

Anonymous Me – in conversations held mostly in our heads, we admonish that which has power or influence over us and serves us poorly…or worse.

Watching Stars – we pridefully announce having glimpsed a shooting star, but keep our wishes secret, even from ourselves.

Way-Down – when you’re so far down that everything else is up, find your courage, find your strength, find your way up and find your way out.

Lucky One – if you believe in luck, then you know it runs short, maybe out. You cost yourself a chance every time you walk the wire, until something happens to knock you off.


We produce special promotional items for the events and training courses we provide. We may display our products here in the future, but if you want something special with our logo on it, please let us know… we can put our logos on just about anything.

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…It’s what we do.

Training Dates

Introduction to Telehealth
( 9 CEU )

Format: Live, Online, Instructor Led Presentation 

  • Saturday, June 24, 2023 from 8AM-6PM EST.

Certified Telehealth Practitioner - CTP Examination Preparation (where applicable)
( 9 CEU )

Format: Live, Online, Instructor Led Presentation 

  • Sunday, June 25, 2023 from 8AM-6PM EST.

*IMPORTANT NOTE for those seeking formal State Telehealth Certification: Our Introduction to Telehealth Course (or equivalent per State Officials) is required as a PREREQUISITE to obtain all training requirements for Certification.

CRPS Exam Prep & WRAP Course

Q3, July 7-12, Fri – Wed

Q4, October 2-7, Mon – Sat

*By RF Invitation Only – Access is Strictly Limited to Peer Workforce Traning for/at RF.

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